Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Alibre ΕΝ


        Enginneer's dedicated assistant, Alibre is x-elixis the new collaboration. It is a valuable tool for every engineer. Simple in its operation, powerfull in every application and fast in its usage. Alibre delivers to engineers flexibility and speed. Engineers don't need to care about how, where and when their project run.


The good news is that they don't need to care either about how much. Check the prices from the official company's Site.


There is an Alibre version for Salesmen, technical stuff on shop floor and for company's no technical stuff. 



x-elixis is the Greek representative of Alibre


Alibre delivers solutions for:

 Alibre Presentation

Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical Assembly

6-axis Robotic Arm

Architexture Design

Plant Design

Plant Design

Automobil Industry

Automobil Industry

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Alibre is a parametric CAD Software. It is available in three (3) packages, every one among others, has:

  • Part Design,
  • Assembly Design and
  • Drawing Design.


Alibre based in USA. Alibre runs its 20th version and continues to suprise us.


It will just suprise you too!!!






Base: M. Ralli 9-11, Giannitsa Greece

Phone: 0030 2382 500 250

Mobile: 0030 6946 460 360