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what we provide


At x-elixis we offer comprehensive services for research and product development in industry.


Industrial design

Research and Development of new products.Packaging design.
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Mechanical engineering

Study and Design for Machinery-Automation.Construction components.
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Special Software Applications.  
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International collaborations

We are representatives of the following companies:

  • ESPRIT CAM by HEXAGON in Greece and Cyprus.
  • Alibre in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria
who we are



Experience & success

Since 1992, we have managed to implement over 100 major projects, upgrading businesses inside and outside of Greece.

Commitment to Innovation

We invest in the constant development of our executives, ensuring a leading role in the field.

Distinctive Solutions

We offer innovative and high-quality solutions that strengthen domestic entrepreneurship.
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International collaborations



They said about us

“Our collaboration with x-elixis started with a difficult undertaking, the programming of a FULL 5x Lathe.
The software as well as its support coped perfectly and the result has left us more than satisfied.
With x-elixis we feel like a partner in the business, with the thought and care that we ourselves would show in our business. It is the ideal partnership we could have.”

Yannis Koukoutzelis

“He is a partner you can trust because he can deal with the problems of any business.
Immediate and clear every information in detail and very helpful telephone communication at any time and when needed.”

Chrysa Meletoglou

“I was completely impressed with the professionalism and service. They are reliable, honest and operate with integrity. I recommend them to anyone looking for a great industrial designer. George always takes the time to answer any questions I may have and informs me of all the options available. Well worth the time and money.”

Matina Pantelaki

“The cooperation with your company was perfect. We are very pleased with the prompt response to our requirements.
Thank you very much.”

Nikos Spyrakis

We have been working with the company E-elixis and Mr. Georgios Sitaras for about 4 years, without exaggeration I would say that I am completely satisfied with him. He is the man who helped us with his experience and the ALIBRE design program to manufacture the WHITE SHARK oil-pressing machines. He was by our side whenever we needed him even in hours and days when he should be resting.

Christos Papadimitriou

Our entire collaboration is quite inclusive and productive! In every issue that arose, we had immediate cooperation with a solution to the problem. Great willingness and nice, professional demeanor. Just what we need in these challenging times!

Anestis Seitarides

With great pleasure, I will also share my opinion about the way you work, and more specifically the result that reaches my hands from it! Mr. Sitaras is a very reliable and trustworthy gentleman, with principles and values! Basic for these days. The main features that I could say makes him stand out and worth trusting because he won’t work for the competition, and his absolute secrecy stand out. Quality work, guidance, discussion, solutions, personal thinking, understanding, very good price list, ideas and design!

Sarvanidis Stamatis

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