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x-elixis’ long-term partnership with Alibre highlights a tool that allows every engineer to achieve results with immediate efficiency. With its ease-of-use and reliability, Alibre provides unlimited flexibility to the user, since they are not required to worry about the details or complexity of the process.

x-elixis, as Alibre’s representative in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria, offers Alibre CAD software in a variety of editions that meet the needs of both technical and non-technical personnel in the manufacturing sector.

Alibre is a parametric CAD design package that offers solutions for object design, assembly and technical drawing visualization, meeting the needs of the most basic to the most demanding projects. Based in the United States, the company continues to evolve Alibre into its 26th edition, consistently providing new features and innovations that will positively surprise users.

Products I designed with Alibre software:

Watch the guillotine design video below in Alibre.

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