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Who we are

About us

x-elixis consists of a group of experts and partners with a commendable track record in product design and development in the industry.

With over twenty years of continuous progress in the fields of planning, development and organization, we offer unique and high-quality solutions for Greek entrepreneurship.

We have participated in and succeeded in more than 100 major projects, empowering many businesses to upgrade and internationalize.

With a continuous commitment to the development and continuous training of our executives, we upgraded the company with a master’s program in Industrial Design and innovation systems. ” Msc in Industrial Design & Systems

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At x-elixis we are committed to

for quality in every aspect


Sitaras George

Mechanical Engineer & CEO.


Welcome to their x-elixis:

What We Do

We provide premium electrical repair and maintenance services for your safety and comfort.

Piter Bowman

Chief Technician

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