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The collaboration between x-elixis and HEXAGON is an excellent combination of experience and technology in the field of CNC cutting. x-elixis, as the official representative of ESPRIT in Greece and Cyprus, has a long track record and expertise in this field.

ESPRIT CAM is a software that offers advanced solutions in the field of CNC machine tools. Engineers and developers involved in the development of Esprit are kept in the factories of the major CNC machine manufacturers, which has made ESPRIT the ideal tool for guiding these machines.

This is the reason, after all, that all manufacturers recommend ESPRIT as the ideal software to exploit and optimize their machine tools, offering advanced solutions that reflect their experience and knowledge in the field of CNC technology.


  • Digital Twin in addition to Esprit checking the machining, the machine itself (provided free of charge by the manufacturer with set parameters) checks the machining for any errors and failures and informs the user at the simulation stage. Whereas it generates code only when all conditions are met.
  • Excellent Post Processors, which are developed within the manufacturing plants of the CNC machine tools.
  • Direct support from x-elixis and Esprit.

Check out some of the products we designed with Esprit CAM

Watch the video below on wire EDM using Esprit CAM.

It is recommended by specific manufacturers as the ideal software for guiding their machine tools.

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